Is it possible for my kid to watch Bigg Boss?

Bigg Boss, the controversial child of Indian tv, has had a long run of high TRPs. Season 11 of Bigg Boss, which will be hosted by Salman Khan, is currently filming. You may be wondering if it is in the best interests of the kid to watch the reality show while the tabloids and your twitter feed do everything, they can to get you to watch it. We've put together a comprehensive and non-judgmental analysis of the reality show Bigg Boss to help you – as parents – determine if Bigg Boss 11 is appropriate for your children to watch. Read information about Bigg Boss Mx Player.

What is the aim of the Bigg Boss reality show? The display documents the trials and tribulations of people from all walks of life who come together to live under one roof with no outside touch. Two housemates are nominated for eviction each week. The ultimate target is to stop being evicted before the end of the season. They are forced to live in a luxurious house for about four months and complete 'tasks' in order to receive their weekly food rations and other benefits. If the story progresses, even whether you've watched the show before, you'll notice that each episode is filled with massive amounts of embarrassment, backbiting, mockery, overt aggression, and even vulgarity and obscenity.

Is Bigg Boss a Good Show for My Kid? Infidelity, aggression, vulgarity, and constant lying and backbiting are all on the table. As parents, you and I make a lot of sacrifices to raise our children correctly – but I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing if my child watches Bigg Boss or worse, becomes a follower!

Bigg Boss

Parentune Recommends – Bigg Boss is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

Most of the parents I know enjoy watching the film. Since it is broadcast during prime time, children are most likely to see or at least catch a taste of it. Surprisingly, I know an equal number of parents who find the show to be unsettling and uninteresting, and therefore skip it entirely.

Bigg Boss: What Parents Might Know About the Show's Content and Language

If the show continues, competitors become more intolerant of one another, and a sense of rivalry develops. When housemates struggle to deal with the house's ever-changing complexities, they tend to display less-than-positive behaviors and emotions, such as:

1. insecurity, intolerance, plotting against other contestants, envy, foul language, emotional pain, yelling, weeping, confidence problems, gossiping, indecency, and aggression

2. As the weeks pass, human nature takes over and we watch as the people, the majority of whom are celebrities, struggle with nearly daily tension. All is now vying for first place in the game, strategizing and plotting to destroy the opposition.

3. There have been occasions when a famous contestant has been spared from elimination or inserted onto the show due to audience pressure, after engaging in wrongful conduct. The message that popularity triumphs over inappropriate behavior is unlikely to set a good precedent for a young child

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